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Why Shortwood?

A Shortwood Education places emphasis on the development of the whole person. Our students exude strength, graciousness, and warmth. As a result, employers request Shortwood graduates as they expect them to portray growth and enlightenment. It is evident in their interaction with the school community and the investment they make in the students they impact as well as their community and by extension the nation.

We boast a world-class faculty and staff with deep commitment to a diverse environment of energetic, bright and talented students who become agents of change as they are trained to add value to every sphere of the nation and the world.


Shortwood Teachers’ College programmes are accredited by the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission (TCJ) and our degrees are granted by The University of the West Indies.

Hands-on Training

As part of our offering, the students receive face-to-face training and teaching practice, which takes them into assigned schools in our education system.


Shortwood Teachers’ College offers a high level of education that meets the standards set by the Ministry of Education here in Jamaica.

Aid & Affordability

Shortwood Teachers’ College offers several payment options and students can access additional financial support from internal and external options and or stakeholders.

Invest in your Career

Shortwood Teachers’ College is the eco- friendly institution  conducive for your tertiary studies  in a safe  and relaxed environment .

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