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The Professional Studies Department takes the greatest pleasure in officially welcoming all to share with us. The teaching profession is core to all professions and we take pride in cultivating the necessary attributes and skill-sets in all who exchange path with us. As educators we seek to model these attributes in our day-to-day operation and trust we are creating significant impacts in the lives of our teachers in training. We look forward, always, to our prospective and current students.


Professional Empowerment through Reflectivity, Collaboration and Commitment.


The Department is committed to the holistic development of the teacher trainee and the teacher educator. This commitment facilitates the professional development and growth of the intellectual, psychological, physical and technological resources in an appropriate and creative environment.

The ultimate aim is to equip individuals to be reformers capable of contributing to the development of the global community in a positive and creative manner.

We boast a world-class faculty and staff with deep commitment to our students.

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