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The esteemed faculties at Shortwood Teachers’ College collaborate to provide students with a holistic and eclectic approach to equipping student teachers with the desired knowledge, skills, and attitude for the educational sphere.

The Faculty of Aesthetics provides all students pursuing their studies with the requisite balance needed for visual, physical, creative, and artistic expressions.

The Faculty of Early Childhood Education is dedicated to preparing teachers of the highest quality, to teach young children from birth to age eight. Our mandate is to equip student teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate children’s holistic development, so that they can maximize their full potential.

The Faculty of Professional Studies is committed to the holistic development of the teacher trainee and the teacher educator.  This commitment facilitates the professional development and growth of the intellectual, psychological, physical, and technological resources in an appropriate and creative environment.  The aim is to equip individuals to be reformers capable of contributing to the development of the global community in a positive and creative manner.

The Human Ecology Department provides diverse opportunities that will develop the knowledge, skills, and professional attitude of our students, whilst harnessing the potential of the individuals in our care.

The aim of The Faculty of Language Arts is to prepare and equip our students with the requisite knowledge, methodology and skills which will enable them to, at the highest level, be adept at communicating in Standard English and in the process foster in them a deep love for language, literature, and literacy. To accomplish this vision, we seek to empower our students to embrace the core values of the college: collaboration, accountability, professionalism, respect, and integrity.

The Faculty of Mathematics emphasizes the teaching of mathematics as its primary goal. Their main objectives are to provide for students an appreciation for mathematics and its application to other disciplines, to encourage higher order thinking and problem-solving skills, and to prepare students for further study and employment.

The Faculty of Modern Languages seeks to provide a cadre of teachers who are:

  • Qualified, sensitive, insightful, and committed.
  • Responsive to the needs and aspirations of their students.
  • Able to deliver both formal and informal curricula who will display a high degree of linguistic, communicative, and pedagogical competencies in the Spanish and French languages.

The science programme is designed to develop in prospective teachers of science a knowledge of science and environmental concepts, positive attitudes, and practical skills. The science programme also focuses on training teachers to understand how to promote the nature of science process skills, concepts and attitudes in Grade 7-11 and CAPE students.

The department that explores the significance and impact of the physical, social,, political cultural and historical events in contemporary contexts.

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