Clubs and Societies

It is a requirement that every full-time student must be actively involved in at least one club or fraternity. Listed below are the functioning clubs and fraternities on the campus.

Anglican And Catholic Fraternity


  1. To foster growth and Christian development
  2. To strengthen and enforce the Catholic and Anglican faith
  3. To expose students to religious, social and educational beliefs and practices


Baptist Fraternity


  1. To foster growth and development in the Baptist faith
  2. To encourage religious principles and practices
  3. To preserve the Baptist faith


Church of God Fraternity


  1. To demonstrate through teaching and example, the duty and privilege of every Christian
  2. To be engaged in Christian stewardship, mission and social and cultural concerns
  3. To direct students towards involvement in a local church
  4. To provide opportunities for leadership training through camps, conferences and seminars


Methodist Fraternity Seventh Day Adventist Fraternity


  1. To promote and encourage spiritual growth and development
  2. To provide an avenue for active participation in the spreading of the gospel


Universities and Colleges Apostolic Ministry (UCAM)


  1. To take a collective approach to campus evangelism for greater effectiveness
  2. To promote campus ministry as an extremely important church mission
  3. To help create a spiritual and moral impact on the future leaders in our society, the region and ultimately the world


Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF)


  1. To proclaim and explain the gospel of Jesus Christ in tertiary institutions through personal witness, evangelical missions and daily evangelistic opportunities
  2. To deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of students
  3. To challenge and direct students towards involvement in a local church discipline


Circle K Club


  1. To promote nation building exercises
  2. To develop students’ skills and competence in doing service for others
  3. To develop love and appreciation for the lesser fortunate


Dance Club


  1. To expose students to a wide variety of dance forms
  2. To expose students to local and international dance forms
  3. To develop the dancing skills of students for further use in college functions and the wider society


Early Childhood Club


  1. To assists Early childhood students with given assignments
  2. To demonstrate to students the importance of teamwork and group assignments
  3. To make ‘treasures’ out of ‘trashables’


Environmental Club


  1. To produce an environmentally aware college population
  2. To encourage students to keep their surroundings friendly, clean and healthy
  3. To encourage students to preserve and conserve campus utilities


Laughter Club


  1. To promote healthy, connecting and non-ridiculing laughter
  2. To explore the advantages and disadvantages of laughter
  3. To promote positive attitudes through non-ridiculing laughter


Modern Languages Club


  1. To create a comfortable environment for multi-lingual expressions
  2. To establish an awareness of different cultures
  3. To foster the development and growth of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  4. To produce competent communicators in the world


New Dimensional Club


  1. To stimulate reasoning and problem solving skills
  2. To promote mathematical literacy among teachers and students
  3. To promote love, awareness and appreciation for mathematics


Performing Arts Club


  1. To demonstrate talents through dramatization
  2. To promote self confidence, self worth and acceptance among participants
  3. To encourage positive values and attitudes
  4. To unearth, develop and showcase the talents of the students


Sign Language Club


  1. To introduce students to alternative methods of communication
  2. To broaden students’ experience in utilizing body language
  3. To promote and encourage acceptance and positive attitudes towards the disabled in our society


The Optimist Club


  1. To promote an active interest in good government and civic affairs
  2. To promote patriotism for international accord and friendship among people
  3. To develop optimism as a philosophy of life, utilizing the tenets of the Optimist Creed

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