Shaping Young Minds

Shortwood Teachers’ College offers world class, accredited teacher training programmes to Jamaica and the globe.  We prepare teachers for the various levels of the education sector: early childhood, primary and secondary. 


Shortwood Teachers’ College programmes are accredited by the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission (TCJ) and our degrees are granted by The University of the West Indies. We offer quality degrees and certification.

Industry Standard

Shortwood Teachers’ College offers a high level of education that meets the standards set by the Ministry of Education here in Jamaica.

Hands-on Training

As part of our offering, the students receive face-to-face training and teaching practice, which takes them into assigned schools in our education system.

Aid and Affordability

Shortwood Teachers’ College offers several payment options and students can access additional financial support from internal and external options and or stakeholders.  Our aim is to ensure that no applicant with outstanding academic potential is deterred from studying because of their background, personal circumstances, or finances.

We offer degrees in education accredited for the early childhood, primary and secondary education levels.

Studying at Shortwood

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