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Shortwood Teachers’ College is a 137 year old eco-friendly institution nestled among the salubrious hills of St. Andrew. The ornamental  and fruiting trees, garden plants , along with the harmonious sound of our indigenous feathered friends compliment the peace and quiet that are conducive for study.

Welcome to the hub and buzz of on-going activities that the college community – students and staff engage in through-out the year. The activities are both competitive and non-competitive and promote wholistic development for all.

Clubs and societies are extra-curricular activities that are designed to engage and hone the diverse skills and talents of students. A faculty advisor is assigned to provide oversight,  guidance and scaffold members of the varying clubs and societies.  It is mandatory that students are active members in at least one (1) club or society.  

Sports & Recreation assist in developing strong social bonds and making our population fitter, healthier and happier. Additionally, these activities enhance cognitive function, improves memory, concentration, academic achievement and reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Staff and Students engage in in-house competitions: football, netball, volleyball, swimming, etc.

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