Human Ecology


What Is Human Ecology?

Human Ecology is the study of how humans (as social, physical and biological beings) interact with each other and their physical, socio-cultural, aesthetic and biological environments, as well as with material and the human resources of these environments (Bubolz and Sontag, 1988).
This field of knowledge and service is primarily concerned with strengthening family living; conducting research to discover the changing needs of individuals and families and the means of satisfying these; improving the services and goods used by families, furthering community, national and world conditions favourable to family living.

Human Ecology involves family relationships and child development; consumption, and the economic aspects of family living; nutritional needs, the selection, preservation, preparation and use of foods. It also addresses the design, selection, construction and maintenance of clothing, including its psychological and social significance, textiles for apparel, domestic and commercial purposes. It focuses on housing for the family, which includes equipment and furnishings, as a creative means of expression and management of resources so that the value and goals of the individuals, families and society may be attained.

Through Human Ecology, if the physical and economic aspects of each home is improved, then the moral, intellectual and aesthetic framework of the community can be changed to provide a more just and democratic society.


To stimulate the quest for professional excellence through advanced educational opportunities.


The Human Ecology Department, (formerly Home Economics), exists to provide diverse opportunities that will develop the knowledge, skills and professional attitude of our students and will enable us to harness the potential of the individuals in our care. It is our mission to:

  • demonstrate proficiency in personal development, social behaviour and interpersonal relationships
  • select and utilize available resources for the improvement of individuals, families and communities
  • demonstrate responsible attitudes towards consumerism and embrace entrepreneurial opportunities

We boast a world-class faculty and staff with deep commitment to our students.

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