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Shortwood Teachers’ College a premier teacher training institution that prepares persons of the highest quality for the education sector.  It is very easy to apply to our college and for your application to be processed.

Steps to Apply


Apply Online

Click on the Apply Online option (


Select Programme

Select the programme of your choice or select ‘Create an Account’


Complete Form

Complete the New Application form and click on ‘Continue’.



Verify Email Address

An automatic email will be sent to your email address. Use the code in the email to verify the email address in your application.



Click on the Verification Link provided in the email and login to your application using the email address you provide and the temporary password in the email.


Fill in information

Enter all relevant information and use the Next and Previous buttons at the lower section of the page to navigate each section.


Fill in information

If you have recently sat CSEC or GCE exams and you are awaiting the results then select ‘Pending’ as the grade.


Complete and Save

Complete all the tabs with the required information and click on SAVE.

NOTE: If you selected a secondary programme, you need to select a specialization. If you experience any technical difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us at


All students of Shortwood Teachers’ College are required to register each academic year on a semester basis.

This is the process by which a student becomes a member of the college. It involves specific rules and procedures you must observe to attend classes or receive any other privileges as a member of the student body.

Registration involves THREE main components:

STEP 1.  Medical Clearance

All students are required to complete a medical at the beginning of each academic year except for students redeeming a single course work.

(Please visit the Medical Doctor of your choice or the nearest Government Health Centre.)

The medical certificate must be submitted to the Registrar ( to obtain medical clearance.

  • Students on Academic probation must seek approval from the Examinations Coordinator before proceeding to steps two (2) and three (3) of the registration process.

STEP 2. Payment of Fees /Financial Clearance

To qualify for registration each semester, the student’s tuition fee payments MUST be made in accordance with one of the College’s payment plans. Students may opt to pay their tuition fee in full or access one of our three available payment plans.  Please see relevant information in iSIMS.  The payment plans are pre-set iSIMS and may be accessed upon the commencement of registration.

Payment of fees can be made at any Branch of Nova Scotia Bank (Please see relevant bank information in iSIMS).  Each student’s account will be updated in iSIMS once he/she has made the required payment.                                                                            

Students must settle all outstanding balances before the start of a new semester to initiate the registration process, that is, students should have no pre-existing balance.

  • Contract students are reminded NOT to select a payment plan as students will be billed by the Accounts Department.

STEP 3. Selection of Courses

Students must log on to iSIMS and select the courses applicable for their programme as follows:

  • August 22 – September 2, 2022
  • September 5- 9, 2022 (Late Registration will attract a penalty of $2,000.0)
  • Year Four (full time), Year Five (Part-Time) and Post Graduate Year 2 students before registering for the final practicum please ensure that you have satisfied the JBTE regulations to participate in the process.

Please note that:

  1. There are NO payment plans for miscellaneous and programme fees. These fees MUST be paid at the beginning of the academic year and are mandatory.
  2. Accommodation fees are also paid in FULL at the beginning of each semester. Students MUST be registered before they can be considered for accommodation.
  3. Having fulfilled all financial obligations inclusive of settling outstanding balances at the Accounts Department and paying the deposit (first installment) you will receive automatic financial clearance.
  4. Students who do not honour their payment plan agreements will be de-registered 2 days after the due date for payment.
  5. If you have any questions or concerns about your financial status, please send an email or make an appointment and speak with the College Bursar, Ms. Marsha Anderson or the Assistant Bursar, Ms. Dalvareen Collins.
  6. Semester two begins on January 9, 2023.
  7. Classes will be offered face to face for fulltime students. Part-time classes will take a blended approach.
  8. NO LATE LATE REGISTRATION will be accommodated for Semester Two: 2022-2023

A fully registered student is one who has satisfied the three requirements for registration, including adherence to monthly fee payments, where applicable. Students who are NOT registered will NOT be allowed to attend classes, sit examinations, or participate in College activities.

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