Modern Languages


Hola colegas, los socios y partes interesadas/ chers collègues et parties prenantes, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Modern Languages. Here at Shortwood Teachers’ College we believe in the importance of preparing students to meet Global needs and to achieve our mandate of preparing young bilingual professionals for an increasingly globalized world. The department of Modern Languages is the only department currently training teachers in both French and Spanish as specialization areas in the Caribbean. Currently, the department offers a wide array of courses in both French and Spanish ranging from Languages and Literatures to Culture and Civilization. We employ the most modern and diverse pedagogical methods in the teaching of Foreign languages and encourage both our students and academic staff to carry out research relevant to the advancement and promotion of the foreign languages. 


Expanding new horizons through foreign languages and culture.


To provide a cadre of teachers who are:

  • Qualified, sensitive, insightful and committed.
  • Responsive to the needs and aspirations of their students.
  • Able to deliver both formal and informal curricula who will display a high degree of linguistic, communicative and pedagogical competencies in the Spanish and French languages.

We boast a world-class faculty and staff with deep commitment to our students.

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Modern Languages Department

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