Principal (Acting)

Dr. Claudette Barrett-March

Principal (Acting)

Dr. Claudette Barrett- March is an action centered systems thinker and a talented, self-motivated, dedicated, and accomplished educator with extensive leadership, management, and teaching experience. She has extensive knowledge in Systems Leadership and Management, Research, Science Education, Environmental Education and Knowledge Management.

Dr. Barrett-March is a specialist in Leadership, Management and Sustainability Education with thirty (30) years of experience in Higher/Teacher Education and excellent presentation and communication skills. She holds a PhD. in Education (Leadership specialization) for which she conducted extensive research on Sustainable Development Practices in a Jamaican Teacher Training College. The goal of her PhD research was to identify the approaches that have been taken, the challenges faced and the benefits accrued from engaging in sustainability activities in higher educational institutions.

The Leadership specialization required the implementation of an individual development plan (IDP) which set the framework for the execution, documentation and authentication of twenty leadership competencies. These twenty competencies were developed in six different categories; an effective teacher/instructor, a dynamic change agent, an effective organizer, a collaborative consultant, a reflective researcher, and scholar.
Dr. Barrett March is an alumna of Shortwood Teachers’ College and has served as lecturer and Senior lecturer in the Department of Science and Environmental Education, the Director of Practicum, Projects and Professional Development and Sustainability Coordinator and Vice Principal for Administrative Affairs. She now serves as the Principal (Acting) of the College.

As a published researcher, she has presented papers at several conferences locally and internationally, and facilitated several workshops that are geared towards the professional development and capacity building of personnel in both the private and the public sector. She is the co-author of a book entitled ‘World Trends in Education for Sustainable Development’.