Dr. Marleen Bartley

Vice Principal, Administrative Affairs (Acting)

Marleen Bartley is an educator who has devoted 40 years to the development of education in Jamaica. She has taught History at the secondary and tertiary levels of the system of education. She places value on education as a vehicle for social mobility; thus, she coaches her students to promote their academic growth and personal development.

Dr. Bartley believes in maintaining a community that values outreach among the Shortwood alumni; consequently, she uses the strong links that she has forged with past students as a means of providing financial and other forms of support for current students.

Commitment to academic integrity, fairness, high professional standards, passion for doing things orderly and properly, as well as respect and appreciation for the work and contribution of all categories of staff and other stakeholders are among the values that have guided her professional practice.

Currently, Dr. Bartley serves as the Vice Principal of Administration capacity.