Transcript Request

To request your transcript from Shortwood Teachers’ College please complete a Transcript Request Form (online) or Transcript Request Form (PDF) and submit it to the Students’ Affairs Office via email to Shortwood Teachers’ College ( along with a copy of the payment voucher. If a copy of the payment voucher is not submitted along with the form, then the transcript will not be processed until evidence of payment is received.

NOTE: Transcripts are not processed on spot. All requests are processed in 10-12 business days (Regular service) and 5 working days (Express service – TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED) of their receipt. Transcripts requested will not be processed unless all financial obligations to the college are met.

Payment for Transcripts

OVERSEAS REQUESTS: Payments may be transferred to the Account for the college at Scotiabank Jamaica, New Kingston, Account Number 53910.  Once payment has been received the transcript will be sent to the respective institution.

LOCAL REQUESTS: You are required to submit evidence of payment must be provided before the processing of the transcript begins. If transcript is to be posted make the necessary payments at any branch of the Scotiabank Jamaica, New Kingston, Account Number 53910 and include the payment voucher along with the Transcript Request to the College or via our website. Payments can also be made at the College when requesting the transcript. A copy of the payment voucher must be presented when collecting the transcript at the College.

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